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Through the Lens of Star Wars, Women Are No Longer the Sidekicks

Instead of just being a sidekick to a male lead role, the main female role of Rey in the newest Star Wars movie Episode VIII, is the main character. This portrays society’s focus on feminism, which has become increasingly popular, with many women in America participating in events such as the

Red state, blue state: Using color as a political symbol

Ask any Americans prior to the U.S. presidential election of 2000 what the colors red and blue mean and they would probably say that they are simply patriotic colors. Ask in late 2000 after the presidential election, however, and they would probably remark that the colors symbolize U.S. political party

Age of the social media celebrity

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The Beyoncé Effect: The Millienial Face of Modern Feminism

Who Runs The World? Queen Bey! If music and pop culture entertainment domination was the conclusive test, then “ALL HAIL QUEEN B!” Beyoncé Knowles, at only thirty-five years old, has claimed the number one spot in the female music industry and is one of the most talented stars of her generation.

Why Do We Wear Retro Sneakers Not Meant For Us?

Footwear is a topic steeped with many years of history in innovation. And when I say history in innovation, I mean that with the history of footwear, as years go on, technology advances to solve some type of problem or help specific consumers. See, it has always been a trend

The Evolution of the Disney Villain: Maleficent

Modern society has been changing the role of villains in film. Villains in early cinema fulfilled the archetype of evil in order to oppose the archetypes of good, the heroes. However, villains in film have been changing drastically over the past century including Disney villains. Although Disney hosts a myriad

Celebrities: symbols of a culture

Celebrities reflect changing culture by being living symbols of the values and themes important in the current popular culture. The icons people look up to are a representation of what is important to them. Over the last several decades, culture has experienced upswings and downturns in the importance of beauty,

Political Symbols of the U.S. Two-Party System

In contemporary society, political symbols are often used to connote or represent a cause, a candidate, an ideology, a political organization, a regime style or a particular sovereign state, among other things. In the political realm, the use of symbols provides a simplification of what is inherently complex, associating a