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Hamilton: An All-Inclusive Musical

Broadway has been around for decades and is still a very prominent part of American entertainment today. Each year, shows on Broadway, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, attract millions of people from all over the world, last year’s attendance reaching an all time high of over 13,270,343 people. Even with

Blogging: A Full-Time Job

  In today’s society, a new type of celebrity has risen. Whether they attained their fame through their beauty, fashion sense, or even their homemaking hacks, a new species of bloggers has taken main stage creating a sustainable life through their online posts. Because of evolving technology, blogging has taken on

African-American Women: Misrepresented to the Masses

Since its premiere on April 5, 2012 ABC’s Scandal has challenged the way mainstream American media stereotypes black women. If viewers were expecting another primetime drama featuring a sassy, promiscuous, and submissive African-American woman they were in for a wake up call. The shows protagonist, professional “fixer” and PR legend

What ABC’s Once Upon A Time Says About Society

When you hear the words “once upon a time” you are often filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Those words seem to promise the listener an adventure that they will remember for the rest of their lives. These stories are known as fairytales. They are the stories we

The Donald Trump Transition: Media Effects on American Politics Introduction: Few presidents of the United States have had similar social and cultural impacts on society than President Donald Trump. After unexpectedly announcing his presidential bid in 2015, and even more astonishingly defeating sixteen Republican opponents in the primary elections, Trump surprised the world with a definite and resounding win over

Through the Lens of Star Wars, Women Are No Longer the Sidekicks

Instead of just being a sidekick to a male lead role, the main female role of Rey in the newest Star Wars movie Episode VIII, is the main character. This portrays society’s focus on feminism, which has become increasingly popular, with many women in America participating in events such as the

Red state, blue state: Using color as a political symbol

Ask any Americans prior to the U.S. presidential election of 2000 what the colors red and blue mean and they would probably say that they are simply patriotic colors. Ask in late 2000 after the presidential election, however, and they would probably remark that the colors symbolize U.S. political party

Harry vs.Voldemort

Joanna Kathleen Rowling released her first book in the ever-famous series, Harry Potter, in September of 1998. Selling over 400 million copies, Rowling's "books have impacted popular culture in a massive way." (Literary Analysis) The series had everything and "[it] also gives kids a very deep sense of adventure and

Age of the social media celebrity

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The Hidden Secret of American Politics: Satire

From gladiator battles in the Roman coliseum, to Shakespearean plays in the Globe theatre, humans have always been enthralled by entertainment. With the turn of the century, a new form of entertainment was on the rise. John Logie Baird invented the television in 1927, which brought visual entertainment into every home. Since

The Beyoncé Effect: The Millienial Face of Modern Feminism

Who Runs The World? Queen Bey! If music and pop culture entertainment domination was the conclusive test, then “ALL HAIL QUEEN B!” Beyoncé Knowles, at only thirty-five years old, has claimed the number one spot in the female music industry and is one of the most talented stars of her generation.

The Evolution of the Disney Villain: Maleficent

Modern society has been changing the role of villains in film. Villains in early cinema fulfilled the archetype of evil in order to oppose the archetypes of good, the heroes. However, villains in film have been changing drastically over the past century including Disney villains. Although Disney hosts a myriad

Two witches, a broomstick, and a bubble For hundreds of years, witches have been known as a representation of evil and darkness. They have been used to convey messages of wickedness throughout all points in time, from old witch hunts, to the image of witches on Halloween decorations. However, in the last century, this image has begun

Modern Family promotes the acceptance of all types of families

Family TV shows have always been popular, and, whether audiences have known it or not, they have always sent a message through their portrayal of the so-called "typical family." From Leave it to Beaver, to Brady Bunch, then from The Simpsons to Modern Family, society has gone from painting the nuclear,

Celebrities: symbols of a culture

Celebrities reflect changing culture by being living symbols of the values and themes important in the current popular culture. The icons people look up to are a representation of what is important to them. Over the last several decades, culture has experienced upswings and downturns in the importance of beauty,

Political Symbols of the U.S. Two-Party System

In contemporary society, political symbols are often used to connote or represent a cause, a candidate, an ideology, a political organization, a regime style or a particular sovereign state, among other things. In the political realm, the use of symbols provides a simplification of what is inherently complex, associating a

Cinderella: More than a Glass Slipper and a Happily Ever-after

Young girls and women everywhere have cherished the Cinderella story for ages. What was once a tale of mere enchantment and happily ever-after has grown to carry more weight in today's society. Because the Cinderella tale is so well-known and popular and because people enjoy familiarity, it's easy to re-tell

How the “typical family” has changed

Family TV shows have always been popular, and, whether audiences have known it or not, they have always sent a message through their portrayal of the "typical family." Leave it to Beaver is a TV show set in the late 1950s that portrays a functional, white, middle class family. The shows

Wicked: a hero’s journey

Many books and movies follow the same storyline template: the hero's journey. Broadway shows are no different. The same archetypes and themes found in ancient myths can be found in the Broadway show Wicked: the hero's journey of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. She lives a normal life, but is

Mormon Missionaries Can Be Heroes Too

In The Book of Mormon musical, the hero’s journey seems as unlikely as it is hysterical, in the form of an unexpected but endearing Mormon missionary, Elder Cunningham. The story begins when an overeager Elder Cunningham gets his mission call to serve in the dangerous foreign land of Northern Uganda.

A “Tale As Old As Time”

With the recent explosion of love for the newest adaption of "Beauty and The Beast", this classic story with its modern twist reveals significant archetypes, themes, and myths that build towards everyone's favorite love story. But, what really makes an audience fall in love with this story all over again?

Starting Out on a Journey: The Legend of Anastasia

Myths and legends have been apart of human history since the beginning of time. Stories of heroes overcoming obstacles and giving hope to the people who believe that all is lost. But the stories that stick with us most of all are the stories that we relate to. The stories