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Take me out to the ball game – NY Yankees

                  Yankee Stadium, an icon in the baseball industry, is home to players and fans from all over the world! (Photo by Eliza Smith-Driggs)         As the sunset of the Yankees Stadium, New York fans began to pile into their seats for one of the most exciting games of the year. (Maddie Hill)        

Amorino Dessert Review

After spending some time in Europe, I grew quite a liking for gelato. I was spoiled while I was there because pretty much everywhere you turned, there would be incredibly soft, rich ice ready to be melted in your mouth. Upon returning to the states, I was disappointed with my local gelato

Columbus circle chase

Columbus Circle is a popular spot not only for families, but also for runners, shoppers, business people, tourists, and more to sit down, enjoy the fountains, and eat some lunch. A grandfather abandons his stroller and lunch to chase his grandson who is chasing a pigeon. Eyes closed with concentration, the child

Sailing the Conservatory Waters

The Conservatory Water in Central Park is a perfect place to spend a beautiful spring morning. Many parents enjoy bonding with their children by sailing remote-control sailboats across the small pond. These sailboats are available to rent from Central Park. You can find out how to rent them here.

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

Located in Central Park, the Bethesda Terrace contains the iconic Bethesda Fountain and overlooks The Lake. The fountain symbolizes a reference from the Gospel of John in the Bible, showing an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda. It celebrates when New York City was first brought fresh water in 1842

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The detail on many of the alters and columns are made of bronze. This Roman Catholic cathedral contains interior decor of the Neo-Gothic art style. The enormous 13th-century-style Gothic church is decorated with rose stained-glass windows reaching 26 feet across. The stained-glass windows are both beautiful and educational. To follow the

The market at Grand Central

The market inside Grand Central station off of Lexington Ave., NYC offers a variety of different foods and goods to be bought. These range from meat and cheese to flowers and chocolates. New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world flow in and out of these hallways throughout each day. The Bien