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Dry Leaves

Promenading central park. Light filtering through the clouds causing a changing luminosity. I was struck by the quick contrast of the vibrant pink and the rueful pink of the flowers, as the light went from ardent to bleak. So do our body and mood change.
The world is us, life is us. We frame everything, for nothing would be without us. We are the light that kindles the inertness of our organization and our inventions. We are the flowers and leaves that dress the world with green and color.
I found a branch which had lost its leaves, and was trying to flourish to beauty with some more. I understood something: “at times we fall off our branch. We find ourselves lost; hidden, unseen in the darkness of our fallen cheer. We think we make the world grotesque; we only see a baleful, bare branch.” But… I wondered, is that true?
I got to answer my question once back at central park. It is the dry leaves which dress the earth; the earth which serves as a firm foundation. Could we live without the example of those fallen ones, without the lessons we learn from them? Can we live without the contrast between the dry and fresh leaves that we experience in life? Just look at it, it is a gorgeous contrast. To all the dry leaves I say: the world needs you.

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