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Anti-Trump TV Show – Semiotic Analysis

“The President Show,” a new TV show on Comedy Central, is loaded with connotative meaning. After watching clips online, it is clear that the show is mocking Trump and everything he stands for, making him look like an idiot.

This ad’s denotative meaning directly contrasts its connotative meaning. While the phrases on the ad seem to be positive toward Trump, celebrating his accomplishment of becoming the President of the United States and “winning [the vote] by a landslide,” it is actually mocking his accomplishments. In the ad, the actor has done a great job replicating one of Trump’s all-too-familiar funny faces, but the look he is giving the camera is the look President Trump gives cameras when he is only slightly amused. This funny face and the surrounding words attract an anti-Trump audience.

This ad is in almost every Subway station. From my observations, the subway is convenient for the middle and lower class, as the upper class can typically afford a car in the city. Also from my observations and research, Trump appeals to the upper class/corporate world. So since this ad is clearly anti-Trump, advertising companies targeted subway audiences (middle and lower classes) because they expected there to be less Trump supporters reading the ads, and more people who would enjoy the show’s mockery. In many other places I have seen this ad, Trump’s face is scribbled on or covered by scraps of paper, further supporting my belief that many people roaming the subway tunnels do not like President Trump.

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