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Nike Kith: A Haven for Street Wear and Trend-Setters

In Manhattan’s artsy Soho neighborhood, trendy and hip shops and cafes seem to be found on nearly every corner. One such store that has created a unique brand image is Nike Kith. Nike Kith is a one-of-a-kind Nike store because it features solely hip, limited edition “street wear” that is

Nike: Victory Never Stops

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, is the inspiration behind the most iconic athletic brand in the world. Victory is ingrained in every aspect of the multi-billion-dollar brand, including the Nike Lab in SoHo New York. The Nike Lab provides it customers with an interactive experience that uses technology, colors, lights and

Afternoon in SoHo

SoHo is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan known for its wide variety of art galleries, shops and restaurants. Here are some ideas on a great way to spend your afternoon in SoHo.  

Experience The Future With Nike VaporMax

The Nike Store in SOHO New York gives customers a first look into the future. The store is a palace dedicated to the future of various sports, lifestyle, and footwear technology. In the case of the store’s first level, Nike aims to target those interested in the future, and the