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New York Memories

BYU's school of Communications New York Field Experience was unforgettable. Between the places, food and people, 6 weeks flew by leaving behind great memories. Check out this video to see what we did during the New York Field Experience.

Wonder Woman Cosplay

The term "cosplay" is performance art in which participants, known as "cosplayers," wear costumes to represent a specific character. Many people tend to dress up as comic book, cartoon, anime, video game, and live-action film characters. The rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby has made the phenomenon

Meet Leek: an NYC Street Dancer

In Central Park, you can meet so many different street performers. In this 60-second document video, we will introduce you to Leek: professional dancer, born and raised in the Bronx, and a dance member of  "2 Steps Away Dance Entertainment."

Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West or Hero of Oz?

The Broadway musical, Wicked, is the untold story that explains how Elphaba became the “Wicked Witch of the West.” The story unfolds the history of the relationship, between witches of Oz, Elphaba and Galinda, as an unlikely friendship. Wicked is a vivid reimaging of The Wizard of Oz and takes

Selling Beauty

I've been in a great number of Sephoras, but this was my first time inside the 5th Avenue store. Sephora doesn't sell beauty products; they sell beauty, especially in the large downtown stores. Luxurious packaging and branding leaves consumers feeling pampered and confident as they purchase products and walk back into

A Journey to the Past: Anastasia the Musical

"Have you heard? There's a rumor in St. Petersburg!" The Princess Anastasia is bringing music, dance, and romance to the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City. Nominated for 2 Tony Awards, Anastasia has quickly become one of the most anticipated musicals of the year. Based on the 1997 cartoon movie, Anastasia takes

The sweetest show in all of New York

With a theater as sweet as the show itself, Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory really comes to life in this Broadway musical. Located on the west side of 46th street in Times Square, this theater looks like a chocolate factory on the outside, bringing the feel and magic

Palace Skateboards’ First U.S. Store – Here In NYC

London UK based skate-shop Palace, now has its first ever U.S. flagship store in the heart of lower Manhattan. Tucked neatly into the New York Streets of SOHO, with popular brand stores such as Supreme, KITH, NikeLAB, and the like, Palace fits right in. We’ll get into the review of

Watch Out! Watch ads can be deceptive

  Semiotics can be defined as the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. The use of semiotics can help us look deeper into the media presented in today’s society, and help us find out what messages are implied by the advertisers. In New York City, one can easily

Justice and Wonder Woman

Almost every little kid dreams of growing up and becoming a superhero – a Superman with super strength and the ability to fly, a Batman cleaning the streets of crime, or even a Spiderman swinging around New York City. It has been proven that we love a good story about

Seal of Approval

Advertisements, pictures and signs are plastered all over New York. As I was coming up from the subway on 86th, I walked past a store and saw this painting in the window. I cracked up and kept walking. I then stopped and went back to take a picture. In a

Samsung ad signifies the wonder of the new Galaxy S8

Samsung’s latest advertising campaign for the Galaxy S8 plasters the subway station at Canal Street. The campaign, “Unbox your phone,” underscores the benefits of the new product through the signified meanings present in the photograph of the ad. To understand the deeper meanings of the ad, it is necessary to

You Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say

Cool-Spa is a spa that performs a procedure known as Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting is claimed to reduce the volume of a fatty area on the body. This ad makes this same claim, while also playing into several appeals advertisers overuse. Cool- Spa uses both fear and sex appeal within the

Anti-Trump TV Show – Semiotic Analysis

"The President Show," a new TV show on Comedy Central, is loaded with connotative meaning. After watching clips online, it is clear that the show is mocking Trump and everything he stands for, making him look like an idiot. This ad's denotative meaning directly contrasts its connotative meaning. While the phrases on the ad