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The Mecca for Book Worms in Manhattan

Strand Bookstore is the soul survivor of 19th Century's Book Row in Greenwich Village. This personalized, modern bookstore creates a distinct ambiance than the generic Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon e-books. Strand Bookstore represents the strength and power of independent stores in New York City and throughout the rest of the country. "So many

Justice and Wonder Woman

Almost every little kid dreams of growing up and becoming a superhero – a Superman with super strength and the ability to fly, a Batman cleaning the streets of crime, or even a Spiderman swinging around New York City. It has been proven that we love a good story about

Einstein, the Refugee

Refugee - a controversial word in today's divisive politics. This advertisement was part of a series of advertisements for Genius, a National Geographic TV show. It caught my attention because it was a series of multiple posters which were all the same, the only differences were the words on the

Anti-Trump TV Show – Semiotic Analysis

"The President Show," a new TV show on Comedy Central, is loaded with connotative meaning. After watching clips online, it is clear that the show is mocking Trump and everything he stands for, making him look like an idiot. This ad's denotative meaning directly contrasts its connotative meaning. While the phrases on the ad