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Two witches, a broomstick, and a bubble For hundreds of years, witches have been known as a representation of evil and darkness. They have been used to convey messages of wickedness throughout all points in time, from old witch hunts, to the image of witches on Halloween decorations. However, in the last century, this image has begun

Groundhog Day: Movie Now Musical

The Groundhog Day musical brings together the witty, hilarious humor of Bill Murray and fun new music to create an exciting show drawing crowds to New York from around the world. In the 2017 Tony Awards, the musical has been nominated for Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Original Score

The Hero Myth in “Groundhog Day”

Hero myths and familiar character types, also known as archetypes, are embedded almost everywhere in our world, and Broadway’s new musical, Groundhog Day, is no exception. While Groundhog Day features the basic structure of the hero myth as well as common archetypes, its incorporation of these elements is unusual because the characters, excluding

School of Rock: Bringing Out Our Inner Child

By Lauren McMullin The School of Rock musical brings a light-hearted comedy filled with angsty music and talented child stars. It begins with Dewey, an adult who has no job and whose only passion in life is to be a rock star, by winning the battle of the bands. Dewey is laughable,