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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went on a Hero’s Journey

With a release date set for the beginning of July, the world's favorite web slinging hero will swing his way back onto the big screen. Spider-Man: Homecoming will kick off the 3rd franchise of Spidey movies in the last 15 years. Three different Spider-Men with three slightly different story lines;

An Analysis of Inception

Few films have gained such a stranglehold upon the public's imagination that even the very name of the movie has come to be used as a descriptive noun.  A winner of four Academy Awards and grossing $800 million world-wide, Inception is one of these films. Through his clever usage of alternate realities within people's dreams,

“Hitch” – A Hero Myth

Why do we all love the movie Hitch? Perhaps it is because we love seeing two people who never thought they'd find love find each other instead. Perhaps it is because we love seeing the nerdy, unattractive guy get the rich, beautiful girl (for once). Perhaps it is because we love seeing a humorous reenactment

Dead Men Tell No Tales

One of the most iconic images of New York City is the well-known, yellow taxi cab. These cabs fill the streets of Manhattan and are an excellent way to advertise. Advertisements placed on the top of these taxis will be seen all throughout the day, day after day, and all