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Are Companies the New Faces of Social Change?

Matt Haig, in his book, Brand failures: the truth about the 100 biggest branding mistakes of all time, includes a quote from Thomas J. Barratt, a British man that many consider to be the "the father of modern advertising."  The quote says: "Tastes change, fashions change, and the advertiser has to change

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went on a Hero’s Journey

With a release date set for the beginning of July, the world's favorite web slinging hero will swing his way back onto the big screen. Spider-Man: Homecoming will kick off the 3rd franchise of Spidey movies in the last 15 years. Three different Spider-Men with three slightly different story lines;

A Break down of the Hero’s Myth: Guardians of the Galaxy

From Luke Skywalker to Frodo Baggins, across galaxies and supernatural universes, Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey myth is used throughout Hollywood's blockbusters. In 2014 when Disney released Guardian's of the Galaxy, it took the audience by storm for the use of satire throughout the Guardians journey in space. Within the introduction, the audience encounters Peter Quill,