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Nike Kith: A Haven for Street Wear and Trend-Setters

In Manhattan’s artsy Soho neighborhood, trendy and hip shops and cafes seem to be found on nearly every corner. One such store that has created a unique brand image is Nike Kith. Nike Kith is a one-of-a-kind Nike store because it features solely hip, limited edition “street wear” that is

Urban Outfitter’s Millennial “Hipster”

Urban Outfitters is the utopia of stores for the quintessential “hipster” and calls the attention of all Instagram-trendy millennials. Urban’s product packaging design attracts a target market of teens and those in their early twenties. Urban Outfitter’s use of product packaging creates an alternative, retro, and vintage style that contributes

“Saks” Fifth Avenue “sucks” your money

Saks Fifth Avenue is for the rich. With trendy designer clothing lining the walls and glittery accessories catching shoppers' eyes, it is clear that frequent customers at Saks are "living the good life." Through analysis of each floor, I have concluded that Saks Fifth Avenue's product placement and store layout lures customers