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What ABC’s Once Upon A Time Says About Society

When you hear the words “once upon a time” you are often filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Those words seem to promise the listener an adventure that they will remember for the rest of their lives. These stories are known as fairytales. They are the stories we

The Evolution of the Disney Villain: Maleficent

Modern society has been changing the role of villains in film. Villains in early cinema fulfilled the archetype of evil in order to oppose the archetypes of good, the heroes. However, villains in film have been changing drastically over the past century including Disney villains. Although Disney hosts a myriad

Cinderella: More than a Glass Slipper and a Happily Ever-after

Young girls and women everywhere have cherished the Cinderella story for ages. What was once a tale of mere enchantment and happily ever-after has grown to carry more weight in today's society. Because the Cinderella tale is so well-known and popular and because people enjoy familiarity, it's easy to re-tell

The Rise of the Anti-Hero

From super villains to criminal lawbreakers to the high school bully, our society seems to become more and more fixated by antiheroes in modern media. Take a glance at just a few of the top TV shows prevalent in popular culture today like Breaking Bad or Mad Men. What these