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Indulge in delicious flavors at Buttercup Bake Shop

Nestled on the corner of Madison Avenue and 33rd Street is a little cupcake store, Buttercup Bake Shop. Owned by Jennifer Appel, who assisted in opening Magnolia Bakery, the bake shop has a high reputation, being featured on MTV, FOX, CNN and known for consumption by prominent figures such as

A Piece of Paris in New York

Take a step from Madison Avenue into Paris, France-that is to say Ladurée's French patisserie. One of only eight in the U.S., Ladurée is sure to be a rare indulgence. The store imitates the historical Parisian tea rooms and was founded by Louis Ernest Ladurée who created a bakery in Paris


Wowfulls is a novelty Asia style waffles and ice cream shop located on Houston street on the lower east side of Manhattan. It has recently become a popular location due to promotion on Facebook's popular NYC Bucket List page. New York being Wowfull's only location, it is a treat that both

Amorino Dessert Review

After spending some time in Europe, I grew quite a liking for gelato. I was spoiled while I was there because pretty much everywhere you turned, there would be incredibly soft, rich ice ready to be melted in your mouth. Upon returning to the states, I was disappointed with my local gelato