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Hamilton: An All-Inclusive Musical

Broadway has been around for decades and is still a very prominent part of American entertainment today. Each year, shows on Broadway, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, attract millions of people from all over the world, last year’s attendance reaching an all time high of over 13,270,343 people. Even with

Waving Through a Window with Evan Hansen

What has six Tony Awards and one broken arm? The breakthrough Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen is causing quite the stir along Broadway and obviously for good reason. The show dominated this years' Tony Awards and took home the honor of Best Musical. Audiences have fallen in love with the

A Beginner’s Guide to Midtown Manhattan

If it's your first time in NYC and you want to be efficient in your sightseeing, Midtown Manhattan is the best place to go. From Times Square to the Museum of Modern Art, the area is packed with iconic New York City sites. In this video, you'll learn about the

Two witches, a broomstick, and a bubble For hundreds of years, witches have been known as a representation of evil and darkness. They have been used to convey messages of wickedness throughout all points in time, from old witch hunts, to the image of witches on Halloween decorations. However, in the last century, this image has begun

Dancing the Conga on Broadway

Romance, drama, deception, and plenty of dance moves. On Your Feet combines the elements of a typical Broadway musical with a latin twist. On Your Feet, written by Alexander Dinelaris, is a musical production based around the lives and careers of Emilio and Gloria Estefan. This typical 'jukebox musical' is more than implementing popular music

Aladdin: a magical, glittering Arabia

Aladdin was everything I expected my first Broadway show to be. From the very beginning, the show captured all of my attention. As a fashion enthusiast, one of my favorite aspects of this show was the costumes. In two of the most elaborate numbers, Friend Like Me and Prince Ali, there

Mormon Missionaries Can Be Heroes Too

In The Book of Mormon musical, the hero’s journey seems as unlikely as it is hysterical, in the form of an unexpected but endearing Mormon missionary, Elder Cunningham. The story begins when an overeager Elder Cunningham gets his mission call to serve in the dangerous foreign land of Northern Uganda.

Groundhog Day: Movie Now Musical

The Groundhog Day musical brings together the witty, hilarious humor of Bill Murray and fun new music to create an exciting show drawing crowds to New York from around the world. In the 2017 Tony Awards, the musical has been nominated for Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Original Score

A wickedly good… and bad hero

In most stories, the main character or hero tends to go through what is known as the “Hero’s Journey”. This journey was originally outlined by Joseph Campbell as the internal path that a character follows as they move through their lives and through the plot or storyline of their story,

The Hero Myth in “Groundhog Day”

Hero myths and familiar character types, also known as archetypes, are embedded almost everywhere in our world, and Broadway’s new musical, Groundhog Day, is no exception. While Groundhog Day features the basic structure of the hero myth as well as common archetypes, its incorporation of these elements is unusual because the characters, excluding

Blurred Lines Between Good and Evil

Dorothy and her beloved dog Toto in the Wizard of Oz became a pop culture icon for decades. This light-hearted heroic story included a lovable protagonist as well as a stereotypical antagonist, the Wicked Witch of the West. Decades later, the Broadway Musical, Wicked, recounts this old tale from a

Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West or Hero of Oz?

The Broadway musical, Wicked, is the untold story that explains how Elphaba became the “Wicked Witch of the West.” The story unfolds the history of the relationship, between witches of Oz, Elphaba and Galinda, as an unlikely friendship. Wicked is a vivid reimaging of The Wizard of Oz and takes

The Mecca for Book Worms in Manhattan

Strand Bookstore is the soul survivor of 19th Century's Book Row in Greenwich Village. This personalized, modern bookstore creates a distinct ambiance than the generic Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon e-books. Strand Bookstore represents the strength and power of independent stores in New York City and throughout the rest of the country. "So many

A Journey to the Past: Anastasia the Musical

"Have you heard? There's a rumor in St. Petersburg!" The Princess Anastasia is bringing music, dance, and romance to the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City. Nominated for 2 Tony Awards, Anastasia has quickly become one of the most anticipated musicals of the year. Based on the 1997 cartoon movie, Anastasia takes

School of Rock: Bringing Out Our Inner Child

By Lauren McMullin The School of Rock musical brings a light-hearted comedy filled with angsty music and talented child stars. It begins with Dewey, an adult who has no job and whose only passion in life is to be a rock star, by winning the battle of the bands. Dewey is laughable,

Broadway´s In-person Lottery: unluckily lucky

Let´s talk about chance, luck… lotteries. Now, before you start the read, I will let you know I do not believe in chance, luck or casuality. I believe in causality, I believe everything that happens is a consequence to our actions. Let´s just talk about the Broadway lotteries for now. In

The sweetest show in all of New York

With a theater as sweet as the show itself, Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory really comes to life in this Broadway musical. Located on the west side of 46th street in Times Square, this theater looks like a chocolate factory on the outside, bringing the feel and magic