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Wowfulls is a novelty Asia style waffles and ice cream shop located on Houston street on the lower east side of Manhattan. It has recently become a popular┬álocation due to promotion on Facebook’s popular NYC Bucket List page. New York being Wowfull’s only location, it is a treat that both local and tourists are sure to be hitting up – especially on hot summer days.

The menu at Wowfulls consists of three suggested flavor and topping combinations or the option to build your own treat just the way you like it. The possibilities are practically endless as you choose your flavor of waffle and ice cream and then load your treat with sweet toppings. But don’t be alarmed if your vanilla ice cream is blue and pink. Wowfulls is known for their original “crazy vanilla” flavor that helps brighten up the look of your refreshing dessert.

Wowfulls is the perfect place to hit up when you need a sweet treat on a hot summers day.┬áThe shop is usually pretty crowded but the wait isn’t too long. I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Houston street and checking out treating yourself to this tasty treat. It is no surprise that the NYC Bucket List is promoting this fun and deliciously refreshing establishment. So, next time you are in New York make sure you add Wowfulls to your list of places to stop by. You won’t regret it.

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