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Why Would I Pay $24 For Socks? NBA finals, Stance Exclusive

Golden State has won game one of the NBA finals, putting the Warriors and the Cavs head-to-head once again, and just like with any other W comes exclusive merchandise. Last night Stance released the 2017 NBA Finals color-way of their performance model sock for fans and consumers worldwide to enjoy. Ever since 2015 Stance Socks have been the official sock of the NBA. They offer everything from performance socks to casual no-shows, or classic crew cut to even underwear. Stance prides themselves on high quality and good-looking pieces of clothing, but with that model comes an equally high but not so good-looking price tag.

Their socks and underwear may seem like a waste of money for those who grab that 20 pack of Gold-Toes at the Costco, but to those of us buying avocado toast and not houses, these prices may not seem so bad. The quality of their products provide consumers with a sock that will stand more than just a few wears, and look good while doing it. For as steep at $18 dollars to $16 dollars you could own one pair of performance socks that last you a while and feel as good on day 100 as they did on day 1.

$18 dollars to $16 dollars doesn’t seem too steep a price for performance socks, but Stance’s new release for the NBA Finals raises that price tag a whopping $24. For comparison that’s 24 slices of dollar pizza, approximately 6 chopped cheeses, or a weeks worth of groceries at Trader Joes. Why would someone spend that much on one pair of socks? It may have to do with the ever-driving force in street wear, exclusivity. This product is exclusive to, it’s an exclusive color-way specifically produced for the 2017 NBA finals, and its exclusively one of the highest performing socks with a great color-way that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Another part of what makes Stance’s product stand out against the backdrop of companies that produce socks, such as Nike, Adidas, or Vans, is their variety. Stance provides over 20 different varieties of socks for men, women, and children for a perverse range of activities. Nike does make a great performance sock for a few different sports, but no other company will provide you with as many exclusive color-ways and collaborations in such a wide variety of styles. Stance has also solved the sneaker-head’s age-old dilemma of mixing brands of socks and sneakers, by providing a sock with neutrality for all sneakers.

To a lot of people the NBA Finals are an important time, especially in the last few years with the same two teams going head to head for 3 times in a row now. Owning a sock exclusive to this game, a sock made for the athletes of this game, and more importantly a sock that will go with any outfit or sneaker you own can make that $24 price tag worth it.

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