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Palace Skateboards’ First U.S. Store – Here In NYC

London UK based skate-shop Palace, now has its first ever U.S. flagship store in the heart of lower Manhattan. Tucked neatly into the New York Streets of SOHO, with popular brand stores such as Supreme, KITH, NikeLAB, and the like, Palace fits right in. We’ll get into the review of the store, but first, for those who aren’t well versed in street wear brand history, which I’m sure is most if not all of you; we will go over the background and history of palace, and its popularity.

The company’s London Native creator Lev Tanju, started Palace in 2010 with some friends to create quality clothing and gear that was more stylish for skaters. Palace opened up its first brick and mortar retail store in 2015 in SOHO of London. The brand’s style, art direction, and quality explain much of its popularity, and because of increased exposure through celebrities and those interested in street wear on the Internet, palace has thrived. Palace has gained an enormous following as of late, and can even be seen worn by famous actors and rappers such as Jonah Hill, or Kanye West.

Operating under a similar business model of street wear powerhouse Supreme, Palace drives interest by producing limited number runs of their collection at high quality. The retail shop has been exclusive to our friends across the pond in London since its opening, so the only way until now for an American fan to get a hold of hot-ticket items was either through the online shop, or paying marked up reseller prices from eBay, unless of course you wanted to book a trip to London to get something in store.

Palace Skateboards opened their first ever U.S. store here in New York earlier last week, giving those lucky enough who live here or close another option of getting a hold of the products without having to pay extra. I am one lucky kid to be here in New York for school at the same time Palace opened this store, so I decided I better pay a visit and take some shots of the store for all you readers interested in something like this a “first look” so to speak.

This shop, being brand new, is beautiful and has all of the nuances and installations you would expect a cheeky English skateboard shop to have. The customer service is top notch, and seems like the have security out front at all times during business hours. The selection after being sold out online still seems to be in stock for the most part, and gives customers options to purchase. The prices may seem pretty steep to others, but for those who know how much these clothing pieces go for aftermarket, or even those shopping in SOHO NY, they’re relatively reasonable. If you like street wear, or you skate, or even just look at their designs and like them, this is a must stop shop if you are in SOHO, I highly recommend it.

Big thank you to Sallo Fofana and Alex for allowing me to take some photos of the shop, and write a review.


To check out Palace’s summer collection click here

To visit the NY Palace store click here for the address

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