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Groundhog Day: Movie Now Musical

The Groundhog Day musical brings together the witty, hilarious humor of Bill Murray and fun new music to create an exciting show drawing crowds to New York from around the world. In the 2017 Tony Awards, the musical has been nominated for Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Original Score Written for Theatre, and many more. With a creative set design, incredible actors and unique surprises along the way, the Groundhog Day musical won’t disappoint!

Walking into the theatre, I had high expectations for the Groundhog Day musical. As an avid Bill Murray fan, I have seen the original flick multiple times and am able to quote different scenes. I was extremely impressed right off the bat, as the ambience in the lobby and theatre prime the audience for the viewing experience. The August Wilson theatre was decorated perfectly to match the overall feeling of the movie and musical, displaying old wood fixtures as well as old clocks and antiques. We took our seats and the show began.

The story begins as a news anchor heads to a small town to cover the Groundhog Day festivities and gets stuck living the same horrible day, over and over again. By adding lively music, bright colors and fun effects, the show is really brought to life and brings the audience in. The music was one aspect that really stuck out to me, adding so much more depth that the movie didn’t have. The show had many driving scenes throughout, and the musical did a great job of representing these parts with small cars and intricate sets. My favorite part was when they pieced together a pick up truck on stage, right before your eyes!

One part of the show to be aware of is there are some scenes shown that are more explicit than the movie. Themes of suicide, prostitution, profanity, and sexual content are inserted, bringing darker themes to the musical that the movie did not include. I personally thought the large amount of explicit content was unnecessary, but it added to the meaning of the show and made it into a more modern, realistic production. If you attend the show, be aware that not all of the content is lighthearted.

Overall, Groundhog Day was a fun, exciting show that brought together the magic of the original movie and the fun of singing and dancing to wow the audience. The broadway production was as good as the movie (if not better), and will continue to draw crowds for years to come.

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