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Crepes & wine, minus the wine

Located on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 94th street in New York City, Bonjour Crepes and Wine offers a great option for all meals of the day.

While they have more than just crepes, the crepes are what they are known for. In the last week alone, I have gone with my friends to get crepes here three different times! They’re that good! And to add to that, they have student discount prices for their crepes. As a student, you can get any sweet (breakfast style) crepe for only $5.00, and any savory (lunch style) crepe for $8.00.

The crepes are served folded into a cone and wrapped in a paper casing. Some eat the crepe straight out of the cone while others prefer to use a fork and knife. Personally, I think it depends on the kind of crepe you get, because some are filled a lot and hard to eat with your hands.

Each time I went, I got a different crepe. Once I got a sweet, and twice savory. My first was a sweet one, with lemon zest and ricotta cheese. From the first bite I was hooked. So sweet with a bit of tang from the lemon. It was refreshing and filling and completely satisfying.

The next experience I had at Bonjour was equally as satisfying. This time I decided to try a savory crepe, so I got one with chicken, gruyere, tomatoes, and spinach. Before coming here, I had never heard of savory crepes. I had only ever had sweet ones, for either breakfast or dessert. So this was something new, but I welcomed the change! This crepe was full of flavor and texture, which made it so enjoyable!

The most recent time I went was probably my favorite. I decided to go with another savory crepe as it was lunch time. I got one with spicy shredded chicken, cream cheese, and arugula. I was so impressed with this crepe! I loved every bite.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to any in the New York area. There are many different locations throughout the city, so when you see one on the side of the road, go in and try a cone!

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