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A Piece of Paris in New York

Take a step from Madison Avenue into Paris, France-that is to say Ladurée’s French patisserie. One of only eight in the U.S., Ladurée is sure to be a rare indulgence. The store imitates the historical Parisian tea rooms and was founded by Louis Ernest Ladurée who created a bakery in Paris in 1862. However, later in 1871, a fire caused the bakery to transform into a pastry shop. Jules Cheret, an artist who was known for his bright poster advertisements, decorated the original pastry shop. The shop is famous for it’s macaron cookies, which started with a man in the 20th century named Pierre Desfontaines, who first decided to put two macaron shells together with a ganache filling.

Once you step inside, proceed to a counter full of brightly colored macaron cookies. Macaron cookies are made with egg white, sugar, almond powder, and food coloring. They are a meringue-based pastry. Macaron’s are a perfect balance of sweetness, not too sweet, not too heavy, and not too strong. A light, fluffy type of cookie. Choose from Ladurée’s many flavors such as pistachio, rose petal, salted butter caramel, lemon, coffee, orange blossom, and licorice. The pistachio macaron was the perfect amount of pistachio flavor. The salted butter caramel macaron was incredibly sweet, almost too sweet, yet not too much to handle. The chocolate macaron flavor was my all-time favorite, it was rich, but the lightness of the cookie made it the perfect balance. 

Ladurée also offers other pastries and desserts, all decadent and intricate in decor and taste. Tea is also available to order with one’s pastry or macaron order. The only downside to these treats is the price tag, an order of three macarons was almost 10$. So, come prepared with a full wallet of cash to enjoy as many flavors of the delicious and delicate, historic, French macarons as desired.

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