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You Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say

Cool-Spa is a spa that performs a procedure known as Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting is claimed to reduce the volume of a fatty area on the body. This ad makes this same claim, while also playing into several appeals advertisers overuse. Cool- Spa uses both fear and sex appeal within the connotation of its denotative elements to sell its services. This advertisement aims to convince people to participate in this procedure, by playing to people’s inner desires of perfections and fears of not being beautiful, and using sex appeal through idealized models and bodies.

The advertisement’s denotative elements such as shirtless idealized perfect models, deep contrast background, and text express different connotative meanings for their product. This company probably shows these perfected shirtless models as an appeal to sex, and suggesting that this procedure can make others look like them. The deep contrast from the black background perhaps suggests that one who goes through with this procedure will too stand out like these models. The text “Hello skinny jeans, goodbye muffin top.” Or “Hello Ladies, goodbye beer belly” suggest that either the customer will be beautiful and wear the clothes they want, or have suitors as a result of doing the procedure advertised.

These denotative elements tie toconnotative elements of beauty and health, and a cultural standard to become thin and sexy. As a resultof media, the idealized body of a woman or man is seen as a universal standard for some, and because we are human and we fall short of this standard naturally. Advertisers target people who strive to live up to this standard through claims of beauty and acceptance as a result of their product or service. This ad is no different, and does so efficiently by plainly depicting perfect humans, and text that suggest they too were once less than perfect, and through the miracle treatment at Cool-Spa they became beautiful.

Just as in most advertisements this one strives to tap into previous knowledge, fears, or inner thoughts and ideas to drive its product. The claims of the services at Cool-Spa are unachievable in real life, but the advertisement uses appeals to sex and fear to circumvent a customers doubts and play into their want for beauty and acceptance, and all to the gain and benefit of the company.


Don’t let this ad get to you though. You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Trust Me.


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