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Simplicity is for the Complex: COS

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and thought that you are not worthy to be in the presence of such amazing clothes? Well, if it hasn’t happened to you, take a trip to COS, the worlds most beautiful and simple store. This place is not for your average Forever 21 shopper, it’s a place where you find art in clothing.

COS is the minimalists shop. Every clothing item has a simple structure and can easily be worn with any outfit already owned by the shopper. Each item is categorized by color — bright reds, navy blue, yellows, millennial pink, and baby blues are what the store is selling this season — there is a certain place for everything in the store. Most items hang on steel clothing racks propped up by cement. Light wood panels cover the walls of the sections with darker colored clothing and white walls in the area where the lighter colored clothing hangs.

Whether it’s sparkle, pleats, collars, or stripes, COS will give you what you want, but not without paying a pretty penny. A simple women’s black button up blouse runs for $95 and a pair of white sneakers are $180. Although the clothes are simple and don’t have much pazazz to them, they are amazing quality. Soft t shirts, thick chinos, cashmere sweaters, neoprene skirts, structured jackets, large tote bags, and durable sneakers — everything a man or woman needs to take on the world (with their outfit).

As I was looking around at the shoppers it didn’t take me long to realize that these people drop money on clothing like it’s their day job. These people have money and instead of buying a Chanel tweed jacket or an elaborate Gucci applique sweater, they chose to spend their money on the simplest of clothing. I think that people hide themselves and their problems in their appearance. The more money you have, the more likely you are to have complex situations and problems. These shoppers buy these minimalistic outfits to hide and cover themselves up from their hectic life. They want to put an image out to the public that looking chic is about clean cut lines and structure — but in order to do that an absurd amount of money needs to be spent — so even though these people want a simple look, they are only getting more complex. I believe that simplicity is for the more complex human and analyzing COS made me sure of that.  


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