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Nike: Victory Never Stops

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, is the inspiration behind the most iconic athletic brand in the world. Victory is ingrained in every aspect of the multi-billion-dollar brand, including the Nike Lab in SoHo New York. The Nike Lab provides it customers with an interactive experience that uses technology, colors, lights and displays to portray the overarching theme of victory.

As you enter the store, customers encounter a large display of metallic mannequins. Each mannequin is suspended above a light box in a running position wearing a pair of Nike’s new shoes, the Nike Vapor Max. On the ceiling, Nike Vapor Max shoes are lined up until they converge into a funnel formation. The spiral touches a clear case filled with air bubbles. Along with air bubbles used in the Nike Vapor Max shoe, there are large letters that say “Air to Move You Forward.”

The metallic mannequins suspended in the air creates a very modern and futuristic feel to the store. This futuristic feel can be interpreted as the constant progression individuals take to reach victory. In order to succeed, one must look forward to the future. The group of running mannequins gives a sense of comradery. They are all actively in pursuit of a common goal; victory. Part of Nike’s branding is that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. However, each mannequin has their own light box. This exemplifies that although everyone is in pursuit of victory, everyone has an individual goal and journey.  The converging lines of the shoes on the ceiling draws you deeper into the store. As you are physically being lead deeper into the store, you are also being mentally lead into their ideology. At the end of the converging lines, a tornado is formed over the “Air to Move You Forward.” Not only do the shoes in the display represent air, but the tag line for the product, “Air to Move You Forward”, plays on their air theme. The product tagline incorporates the air feature as well as embodying Nike’s victory motto. In order to reach victory, one must move forward.


The Nike brand tapped into a universal and timeless human truth. People never want to settle, they always want to become better. Hard work, dedication and pushing beyond your limits will result in the sweet taste of victory. Once you accomplish one goal, you continue to move forward onto the next goal. With the use of physical elements of the store and product packaging, Nike was able to connote their idea that victory never stops.


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