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My Take: Share a Coke

This advertisement comes from the Coca Cola Company, and it promotes their product as well as their “Share a Coke” campaign. This campaign allows consumers to personalize their coke bottles to include their own name, and it encourages it’s audience to share on social media using the hashtag #shareacoke. This campaign was launched in 2013 initially to boost sales and increase customer engagement, but has since continued on over the years because of its huge success and response.

What stands out in this ad is the portrayal of the Coke consumers, depicting them as carefree, easygoing and essentially extremely happy.  This advertisement’s denotative properties include a vibrant scene of two attractive young people, both enjoying Cokes with their names on it, while laughing with one another on a hot, summer’s day. In bright, bold letters, the ad reads “Share an ice cold Coke” and the overall vibe from the ad is one of euphoria and innocence.

These denotative properties suggest that Coca Cola is trying to appeal to a younger audience. This is obvious in the way that they have chosen to set up the scene for this ad, illustrating the idea of living life to the fullest while also creating shared experiences with one another, which is a concept that resonates well with young people specifically. This ad implies that their product is more than just a drink, but that it is a social opportunity for people that allows for connection and experience. The connotative themes that this advertisement brings to mind are ones of happiness, youthfulness, and networking/connection, which are all factors of our current, social media driven society today. Coca Cola also plays off of the concepts of individualism and personalization, which are also desired traits of most young people today.

I find it really interesting how Coca Cola approached their advertising when deciding to launch their #shareacoke campaign. While this company has always done considerably well over the many years they have been distributing their products, they created a spike in their sales and an increase in their customer engagement by directly targeting a very specific audience. I also find it interesting to note that before this campaign, there were many young people who generally were not consumers of Coke. But, after this launch, many young people were drawn to this product because of its younger appeal and with its new ability to personalize, connect and engage via social media.


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