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Justice and Wonder Woman

Almost every little kid dreams of growing up and becoming a superhero – a Superman with super strength and the ability to fly, a Batman cleaning the streets of crime, or even a Spiderman swinging around New York City. It has been proven that we love a good story about a “nobody” becoming a hero. In a way it gives us all hope that we too might be able to – one day – become a “superhero” ourselves.

It is no surprise that one of the most anticipated movies this year would fall under this superhero category. Wonder Woman is getting ready to hit theaters on June 2nd and the advertisements for this film are posted all over the city. The subway, especially, is full of moving picture ads (yes, like Harry Potter) that show Wonder Woman walking with the wind blowing in her hair and using her shield to deflect a bullet. Her muscled arms are bare and she has a determined and fierce look on her face. Wonder Woman is carrying a sheathed sword and a shield. It is easy to see that she is a warrior ready for battle. The Wonder Woman symbol is placed at the bottom of the ad with the words “Justice begins with her” written just above it.

But when you look at the deeper meaning signified in these ads you can pick up on the underlying connotation that the advertisers are working to portray. Wonder Woman is portrayed as strong, but feminine. Her outfit and the wind blowing in her hair are used to accentuate her beauty and sex appeal. Her slim and muscular body paired with her flowing locks matches almost every stereotype when it comes to how a female superhero should be. Nobody dreams of an average looking or average gifted superhero and these ads help remind us of that. Strength and a great outfit are essential for any good superhero. This is a newer standard set in our society for superhero women. This ad helps push forward the idea of what a “super” woman should both look like and how she should act. The ad doesn’t show her fighting anyone, merely defending herself – something that might have been reversed if it was an ad for Superman.

At the bottom of the ad the words “Justice Begins With Her” can be easily read. This implies that Wonder Woman has authority. It is also a play on words with the Justice League – which Wonder Woman is a part of with other heroes such as Superman. Justice has also long been linked to the hands of women in such symbols as Lady Justice holding the scales. This wording could also imply that Wonder Woman’s strength and power can help bring justice and balance as she saves the world.

Many people are looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman hit the big screen and advertisements such as this one are definitely helping build up the hype. Those who pass this ad in the subway are most likely going to walk into the movie ready for some justice to be served on a sexy silver platter.

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