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Einstein, the Refugee

Refugee – a controversial word in today’s divisive politics. This advertisement was part of a series of advertisements for Genius, a National Geographic TV show. It caught my attention because it was a series of multiple posters which were all the same, the only differences were the words on the posters. Other posters included the words: Dreamer, Inventor, Mathematician, and more. Even though the posters were all the same visually, the single words made each poster more individual, powerful, and distinctive.

This advertisement has one title on it: Refugee. Refugee is bolded in white letters, capitalized, and has a period. Underneath the title is #Genius to promote the show on social media, along with the National Geographic logo. The majority of the poster is the face of Einstein, in color, with a nice black suit and tie. His hair is a little bit unkempt, his eyes lively, with a slight smile on his face. His hair is grey and he has wrinkles, but he is not incredibly old-looking. In the background is what looks to be a chalkboard, with white chalk drawings of equations.  

The word refugee is connected to highly divisive political topics today. Since it is such a divisive topic, because of Trump’s new immigration policies and many different opinions on it, the title refugee on the poster is automatically connected to it in the consumer’s mind. It is meant to surprise the consumer, because Einstein is not traditionally known to be a refugee. This would in turn spark curiosity, leading the consumer to desire for more knowledge about Einstein on this topic, and would lead the consumer to watch the show. The single word in the title refugee is only needed to spark interest, sometimes keeping it simple is better than many words. The single bolded word stands out more alone than in a sentence.

Einstein is dressed in a clean-cut suit, as well as his hair, although slightly unkempt, is more kept than the crazy scientist look that people often dress up as for Halloween. He looks very put together than normally thought to be in society today. The idea of Einstein not as a crazy scientist, but as a clean-cut refugee, contrasts in society today with some views of refugees. Often, refugees are thought to be in disarray, having just fled from their homelands, leaving their entire lives and belongings behind. This advertisement creates a new and surprising Einstein, which in turn creates intrigue and leads consumers to watch the show. 

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