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Connecting a Community Through Food

Food is symbolic in cultures all around the world. In New York City, many restaurants are developing new culture customs within their local communities. Dig Inn has paved the groundwork for this culture revolution by emphasizing the importance of food within the community. Their mission is to “build community through food.”  Building culture in a fast paced community like New York City is no easy task. The advertisement represents Dig Inn’s dream of connecting the community to food.

The cooking legend Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people”. Through black and white imagery in the advertisement, Dig Inn presents their motto to promote connecting the community with food. This forces the observer to focus on their main message of the community. The simple landscape drawing of the city from a bird’s eye point of view instead of showing anything on their menu exhibits their purpose and goals. In the lower right hand side, the artist, Xavier Donnelly’s name is visible to observers.

Every street in New York is covered in advertisements, screaming for attention. Unlike other typical restaurant advertisements that are flashy and colorful food options, the black and white drawling signifies how members of the community view the isolated city in black and white. With a food education, the city can connect in a new way. Dig Inn provides a modern atmosphere to eat delicious fresh and organic food to their customers by shaping a new wave of culture among New Yorkers.

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