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Art vs Art


What is Art? I believe this is the most controversial question we face today. Some believe that art is everything that has been created and others think that art is only what we see in museums and galleries. Where is the line drawn?

Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of the most famous pieces of art. It has been studied in art class and mimicked by most amature artists. As I stood there looking at the painting I have long waited to meet in person, I was distracted by the stampede of people who were only there to post it on social media. As they snapped the shot and walked away from the painting they left without thinking about the sad history and artful technique that belongs to this painting. Are these people seeing this painting through their own two eyes given to them by God, or through their iphone given to them by Steve Jobs?

Ancient things become new and new things become ancient, it’s a recurring cycle. This photo is a sign of patience lost and history fading. We as millennials don’t appreciate what we are given and those that were in the presence of Starry Night didn’t appreciate the gift Van Gogh gave to us. Instead of seeing the painting in full, I saw it through the small screens of people’s cameras — a painting I had studied in art class since 8th grade, was now just a picture that has flooded my media feed. 


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