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Melt in your mouth not in your hand

Walking into the M&M store in Times Square, New York, is an experience in and of itself. With three floors and the smell of chocolate wafting through the air, it’s impossible to not be excited as you explore the different parts of the store.

The store is set up in three separate levels. On each level, color pops out in every direction you look. The colors are bright and vibrant and easily catch and hold attention. The second floor is lined with walls of different flavors and varieties of M&M candies. These walls are covered with long vertical tubes stacked side by side one another, filled from top to bottom with different kinds of M&Ms. Throughout the store, different M&M characters are depicted in a variety of outfits and costumes, such as firemen and policemen as well as icons such as Elvis and the Statue of Liberty.

This store is ultimately trying to attach a feeling of nostalgia to their product and to the store itself. This nostalgia stems from memories from childhood. The bright colors found throughout the store are the most basic colors found on a color wheel, the colors found in a children’s classroom or found in toys. Those colors found in the decorations of the store spill into the candy pieces in the tubes. Bold, fun colors are associated with childhood and being carefree, which is then the feeling attached to the M&Ms and to the store. The store continues with its nostalgic feeling of childhood with the M&M characters and with their costumes and how they are dressed. Throughout the store, these characters are dressed up as different figures. This is symbolic of children playing dress up. Sometimes, a M&M character is even walking around taking pictures with customers.

All of these signs and symbols referring to childhood draw customers and tourists into the famous M&M store on a daily basis. By creating a sense of nostalgia inside of their store and among their product, they are appealing to their target market. Those coming to the store are looking for that fun, easy going part of life that was found in childhood. A store that sells candy, a childhood treat, and also makes consumers feel like a child again is something very enticing to people. It gives individuals a chance to take a break from their crazy adult lives of responsibilities and work and be a kid again, even just for a moment.

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