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“The President’s Show” in Rockefeller Plaza

Donald Trump is a hot commodity. Whether it is positive or negative, it feels as if everyone has a very strong opinion about the newly elected president. Seeing his picture all around town is not surprising, but this one is a little different because it is NOT President Trump himself.

By glancing at this advertisement, one may see the denotative properties of this ad as it tries to attract attention to a new TV show premiering Thursday Nights. You can easily tell that the main topic of the show will be the newly elected President Donald Trump premiered on the Comedy Central channel on TV. The ad displays many patriotic colors, blue, red, and white. It is set inside a room with a big window behind it and a clear view of the American flag.

The presidential election has been a hot topic ever since Donald Trump decided he was going to run. This ad has a very kairotic appeal to the audience as Trump has begun his administration in office. On the shallow level, this just looks like a show that will be about President Trump. But as you look underneath the surface of a picture and analyze the connotative properties, you see that this show has the intention to make fun of and rip apart the President. You can tell, that by dressing up as the President himself, they will be making fun of his appearance, smile, and various things such his controversial relationship with Russia (hint to the Russian Dolls lined up on the back the desk of the Oval Office). Also, by having a comedy show about the President with the setting of the Oval Office, it gives off the perception that the President treats the Oval Office as a joke. Not only is this an advertisement to encourage people to watch the new, upcoming show, but it is a very bold political statement splattered across the streets and subway stations of New York City.

In conclusion, at first glance, it can easily seem harmless. Thousands of New Yorkers walk by these signs all of the city each day in a trivial manner. But as you look at the different clues inside the poster, you can pick up a message that is much stronger than something as simple as an ad for a television show.


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