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The Lego Field Experience

Okay listen, I know that Colton wrote about the Lego Store also, but hear me out. Neatly tucked into the side of Rockefeller Center ‘s walkway is a Lego Store decked out to the teeth with “Lego-ized” versions of Rockefeller’s iconic statues.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “Big whoop, there’s a Lego store in the mall 30 minutes away from my house”, but this Lego store has the biggest cylindrical column of pick your own Legos I have ever seen. Not only does this store have a large selection of bricks, it also has exclusive “Pick – a – Model” kits specific to its location.


Exclusive to both of the Lego Stores on 5 Ave. in New York, is the Statue of Liberty “Pick – a – Model”, which can be yours for only $4.99 plus tax, and the time it takes to pick out all the tiny pieces you need. Don’t worry though the A+ sales associate Max, the one who helped me, will double check your work and tell you jokes that fall short compared to the luster of his customer service.

To see a completed photo of the beautiful Lego Lady Liberty click here!

To give our friend Max a perfect 10 on customer service go here.

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