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Take me out to the ball game – NY Yankees

As patrons enter and exit Yankee Stadium they are surrounded by the legends and sport heroes that they are there to cheer for. (Photo by Sadie Anderson)
Baseball [beys-bawl] inning: [in-ing]:
The division of time it takes during a game to order food at the concessions, eat it, evaluate what you will order next, and get an artsy picture with it. #byugoesbasic #yankeewannabee #sports #NYbyu17 (Brandon Wardrop)
This grand stadium built in 2009 holds over 50,000 anxious and loyal Yankee fans ready to cheer on their team(Brooklyn Riepl).


Such a beautiful night in the Bronx! This Yankee Stadium sunset definitely set the mood for an unforgettable ball game! (Photo by: Gabriella Davis)


Completed in 2009, The current home of the New York Yankees adopted the name of former location- Yankee Stadium. The architecture and style of the current Yankee Stadium is in resemblance of the original field as an homage to the team’s history.


The many faces and emotions of Yankee fans throughout a game. (Photo by Lauren McMullin)


Almost as iconic as baseball itself is the stadium food–hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, and of course, crackerjack. (Photo by Jake Knudsen)


The Iconic Yankees ball cap, a staple for any fan, pseudo-fan, or someone looking to cover their hair up, right at home here in Yankee Stadium. The sun slowly drifts away into the clouds as fans sip their beer and watch their Yankees up to bat.


Baseball games provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. (Photo by Sarah Pugsley)


Once you go through security and buy your hot dog, fans take a seat in the classic, Yankee blue stadium seats and get ready for the game! (Photo by Lindsey Jergensen)


Yankee Stadium, an icon in the baseball industry, is home to players and fans from all over the world! (Photo by Eliza Smith-Driggs)


At Yankee Stadium, even the chairs support the team. It wasn’t long before excited fans filled these seats, anxiously hoping for a Yankee victory. (Photo by Anna Bryner)


Of course, there’s more to a Yankee’s game than just watching the game. Fans are eager to try and win historical pieces of America’s favorite pastime. (Photo by Madison Harman)


For some fans, the anticipation of the game is too much to sit. The excitement keeps them up and out of their seats. (Kadey Karras)


As the sunset of the Yankees Stadium, New York fans began to pile into their seats for one of the most exciting games of the year. (Maddie Hill)


Before the game can begin, the American flag is presented and Yankee fans rise to their feet. (Kira Nielsen)


The best (and most expensive) view in the house: behind home plate. (Rebecca Smith)


Devoted Yankees fans browse the merchandise store before the game. (Photo by Adri Ojuka)
The Yankees game? Oh yass, I’m all about football #highlights


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