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St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The detail on many of the alters and columns are made of bronze. This Roman Catholic cathedral contains interior decor of the Neo-Gothic art style.

The enormous 13th-century-style Gothic church is decorated with rose stained-glass windows reaching 26 feet across. The stained-glass windows are both beautiful and educational. To follow the stories told on these windows, you read from bottom to top, rather than left to right.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the impressive Gothic-style church, opened in 1879 on Madison Avenue. More than 5 million visitors step foot inside, every year, to attend mass or simply tour the New York landmark. (photo by Gabriella Davis)

2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  1. One of my favourite places in New York. The first time I walked in, 6 years ago, someone started playing the organ. I recorded it and months after, after thourugh search to find that piece, I contacted the Cathedral’s music director and emailed me back the title: The Widor’s 6th Symphony Finale.
    That was the start of my passion for organ music.

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