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Amorino Dessert Review

After spending some time in Europe, I grew quite a liking for gelato. I was spoiled while I was there because pretty much everywhere you turned, there would be incredibly soft, rich ice ready to be melted in your mouth. Upon returning to the states, I was disappointed with my local gelato because of the lack of flavor and texture that the Europeans have seemed to master. But that all changed when I stepped into a little part of Europe the other day. Tucked on a corner of University Place in Greenwich Village hides the most beautiful gelato and dessert store you have ever seen. On a particularly sunny day in NYC, we were wondering around and found ourselves aimlessly strolling between Union Square and Washington Square Park. That is when I saw a sign for some sort of treat in the shape of a flower. As I drew closer, the shape was actually made out of delicious looking gelato with a macaroon occupying the bud. I was in shock! It LOOKED stunning in the picture and I couldn’t get myself to walk away without trying it.

We walked into the small parlor and were immediately filled with the beautiful sight of a Parisian setting. The wood decorations on the walls, beautiful tile work, and marble tables were something straight from the streets of Paris, France. After a long debate of which flavors to get, I ultimately chose a cone with raspberry and lemon gelato topped with a raspberry macaroon. One bit in and I was hooked. I knew that would not be my last visit to Amorino. The flavors were strong but the gelato melted in your mouth so wonderfully. Not only was it delicious, but the flower design was incredibly beautiful and a dream for any avid food-stagramer (food Instagramer). My concoction of flavors and added dessert ultimately cost me about $9. Now, I understand that is a little on the pricey side for just a dessert but it was truly a treat. It is definitely a place you would find yourself wondering off to on a warm day in a moment of “treating yourself”. But, trust me and take it from someone who is very picky about dessert, this place is worth your money.

If gelato or macaroons aren’t your things, don’t worry. There are many desserts and drinks to choose from. If you are in the area, it would be a shame to pass out up this little corner of paradise so check it out at 60 University Place in Manhattan New York. Even if you aren’t in this area, check out their other locations in Midtown and the Upper West Side.


My recommended gelato parfums (French for “flavors”) to give a shot:





Basil Lime


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