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Silver linings playbook: an artist’s rendition of mental illness

The critically-acclaimed film Silver Linings Playbook respectfully portrays life with a mood disorder. Numerous misconceptions surround mood disorders, but accurate artistic depictions help erase stigmas. Writer and director David O. Russell illustrates the challenges of mood disorders with such complex, diverse, and passionate characters that it helps humanize an otherwise

A Break down of the Hero’s Myth: Guardians of the Galaxy

From Luke Skywalker to Frodo Baggins, across galaxies and supernatural universes, Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey myth is used throughout Hollywood's blockbusters. In 2014 when Disney released Guardian's of the Galaxy, it took the audience by storm for the use of satire throughout the Guardians journey in space. Within the introduction, the audience encounters Peter Quill,

In Time: A Hero’s Journey

The movie "In Time," follows the classic hero myth closely and features familiar archetypes such as the wise old man and shadow figure. Although the futuristic, dystopian setting is unfamiliar to the audience, the audience relates to the movie because of the myth and archetypes used. When the movie begins, the

A wickedly good… and bad hero

In most stories, the main character or hero tends to go through what is known as the “Hero’s Journey”. This journey was originally outlined by Joseph Campbell as the internal path that a character follows as they move through their lives and through the plot or storyline of their story,

You’ve Never Seen ‘MOTHER’? An Analysis Of Why It’s So Great

Albert Brooks’ Mother (1996) may seem like an odd movie to measure up against a “Hero’s Journey-esque” archetype, but hear me out. This movie, while being fairly old and hilarious, is quite an artful mix of common mythologies, as well as multifaceted archetypical characters. Mother’s story follows the combination of different

America’s Iconic Bad Boys & Dreams of Freedom

Today, the development of the anti-hero in the media portrays America's obsession with freedom. Freedom is an empowering ideal in our society today because in our country, everyone has freedom, and therefore, in theory, one should be able to live their life however they please. An anti-hero's definition of freedom

The Hero Myth in “Groundhog Day”

Hero myths and familiar character types, also known as archetypes, are embedded almost everywhere in our world, and Broadway’s new musical, Groundhog Day, is no exception. While Groundhog Day features the basic structure of the hero myth as well as common archetypes, its incorporation of these elements is unusual because the characters, excluding

Blurred Lines Between Good and Evil

Dorothy and her beloved dog Toto in the Wizard of Oz became a pop culture icon for decades. This light-hearted heroic story included a lovable protagonist as well as a stereotypical antagonist, the Wicked Witch of the West. Decades later, the Broadway Musical, Wicked, recounts this old tale from a

Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West or Hero of Oz?

The Broadway musical, Wicked, is the untold story that explains how Elphaba became the “Wicked Witch of the West.” The story unfolds the history of the relationship, between witches of Oz, Elphaba and Galinda, as an unlikely friendship. Wicked is a vivid reimaging of The Wizard of Oz and takes

“Hitch” – A Hero Myth

Why do we all love the movie Hitch? Perhaps it is because we love seeing two people who never thought they'd find love find each other instead. Perhaps it is because we love seeing the nerdy, unattractive guy get the rich, beautiful girl (for once). Perhaps it is because we love seeing a humorous reenactment

A Taste of Home Made by CHLOE.

Vegan food has always been met with questioning eyes and suspicious stomachs. However, some chef's have cracked the code and are now bringing animal-free food to the masses. After a triumphant vegan victory on the Food Network's The Cupcake Wars, chef Chloe Coscarelli brought her tasty talents to NYC and

Selling Beauty

I've been in a great number of Sephoras, but this was my first time inside the 5th Avenue store. Sephora doesn't sell beauty products; they sell beauty, especially in the large downtown stores. Luxurious packaging and branding leaves consumers feeling pampered and confident as they purchase products and walk back into

The Mecca for Book Worms in Manhattan

Strand Bookstore is the soul survivor of 19th Century's Book Row in Greenwich Village. This personalized, modern bookstore creates a distinct ambiance than the generic Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon e-books. Strand Bookstore represents the strength and power of independent stores in New York City and throughout the rest of the country. "So many

The Sweetest Store in NYC: Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a store full of colorful candies and rich chocolates. Targeting young children and their parents, Dylan’s Candy Bar is full of colorfully packaged treats that go perfectly with the bright patterned walls. Dylan’s creates a Willy Wonka feel to bring in consumers and entice them to

In the lush lap of eco-friendly luxury

Lush specializes in organic, humane, and unique skin and haircare products. Individuality is the strength of the brand. Lush is cosmetic heaven for those who want original, earth-conscious products. The floors and counters are made of rough-hewn, unstained wood. Handwriting on chalkboards is used to identify the name and price of

Keeping Up with the Bakers

The prominent UK lifestyle brand, Ted Baker, is taking the United States by storm with their quirky, progressive take on traditional British fashion. With three locations in New York City alone, I decided to analyze the storefront located in the up and coming neighborhood of the Meat Packing district. Through

Urban Outfitter’s Millennial “Hipster”

Urban Outfitters is the utopia of stores for the quintessential “hipster” and calls the attention of all Instagram-trendy millennials. Urban’s product packaging design attracts a target market of teens and those in their early twenties. Urban Outfitter’s use of product packaging creates an alternative, retro, and vintage style that contributes