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Through the Lens of Star Wars, Women Are No Longer the Sidekicks

Instead of just being a sidekick to a male lead role, the main female role of Rey in the newest Star Wars movie Episode VIII, is the main character. This portrays society’s focus on feminism, which has become increasingly popular, with many women in America participating in events such as the

Tips & Tricks to Survive New York City

By Lauren McMullin and Sadie Anderson In order to have a successful trip as a tourist in the Big Apple one must be prepared. Watch this video to learn about the tips and tricks that will help you to survive and thrive in the city. You'll learn tips on public transportation,

America’s Iconic Bad Boys & Dreams of Freedom

Today, the development of the anti-hero in the media portrays America's obsession with freedom. Freedom is an empowering ideal in our society today because in our country, everyone has freedom, and therefore, in theory, one should be able to live their life however they please. An anti-hero's definition of freedom

School of Rock: Bringing Out Our Inner Child

By Lauren McMullin The School of Rock musical brings a light-hearted comedy filled with angsty music and talented child stars. It begins with Dewey, an adult who has no job and whose only passion in life is to be a rock star, by winning the battle of the bands. Dewey is laughable,

Einstein, the Refugee

Refugee - a controversial word in today's divisive politics. This advertisement was part of a series of advertisements for Genius, a National Geographic TV show. It caught my attention because it was a series of multiple posters which were all the same, the only differences were the words on the

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

Located in Central Park, the Bethesda Terrace contains the iconic Bethesda Fountain and overlooks The Lake. The fountain symbolizes a reference from the Gospel of John in the Bible, showing an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda. It celebrates when New York City was first brought fresh water in 1842