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The Evolution of the Disney Villain: Maleficent

Modern society has been changing the role of villains in film. Villains in early cinema fulfilled the archetype of evil in order to oppose the archetypes of good, the heroes. However, villains in film have been changing drastically over the past century including Disney villains. Although Disney hosts a myriad

Silver linings playbook: an artist’s rendition of mental illness

The critically-acclaimed film Silver Linings Playbook respectfully portrays life with a mood disorder. Numerous misconceptions surround mood disorders, but accurate artistic depictions help erase stigmas. Writer and director David O. Russell illustrates the challenges of mood disorders with such complex, diverse, and passionate characters that it helps humanize an otherwise

Black Tap Milkshakes

Black Tap is your quintessential American diner with a millennial flair. Wildly popularized by Facebook, Buzzfeed, and Instagram, Black Tap has become a cultural icon in SoHo. When I visited Black Tap, the first thing I noticed was the ambiance of the diner. You descend a staircase into the diner which

In the lush lap of eco-friendly luxury

Lush specializes in organic, humane, and unique skin and haircare products. Individuality is the strength of the brand. Lush is cosmetic heaven for those who want original, earth-conscious products. The floors and counters are made of rough-hewn, unstained wood. Handwriting on chalkboards is used to identify the name and price of

Columbus circle chase

Columbus Circle is a popular spot not only for families, but also for runners, shoppers, business people, tourists, and more to sit down, enjoy the fountains, and eat some lunch. A grandfather abandons his stroller and lunch to chase his grandson who is chasing a pigeon. Eyes closed with concentration, the child