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The Beyoncé Effect: The Millienial Face of Modern Feminism

Who Runs The World? Queen Bey! If music and pop culture entertainment domination was the conclusive test, then “ALL HAIL QUEEN B!” Beyoncé Knowles, at only thirty-five years old, has claimed the number one spot in the female music industry and is one of the most talented stars of her generation.

Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West or Hero of Oz?

The Broadway musical, Wicked, is the untold story that explains how Elphaba became the “Wicked Witch of the West.” The story unfolds the history of the relationship, between witches of Oz, Elphaba and Galinda, as an unlikely friendship. Wicked is a vivid reimaging of The Wizard of Oz and takes

Urban Outfitter’s Millennial “Hipster”

Urban Outfitters is the utopia of stores for the quintessential “hipster” and calls the attention of all Instagram-trendy millennials. Urban’s product packaging design attracts a target market of teens and those in their early twenties. Urban Outfitter’s use of product packaging creates an alternative, retro, and vintage style that contributes

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The detail on many of the alters and columns are made of bronze. This Roman Catholic cathedral contains interior decor of the Neo-Gothic art style. The enormous 13th-century-style Gothic church is decorated with rose stained-glass windows reaching 26 feet across. The stained-glass windows are both beautiful and educational. To follow the