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Age of the social media celebrity

Over the last several decades, the American female celebrity has been a physical representation of the values and trends of popular culture. In recent years, movie stars and pop singers have given rise to a new kind of celebrity: the blogger, the beauty guru, or the fashion icon. Instead of

Celebrities: symbols of a culture

Celebrities reflect changing culture by being living symbols of the values and themes important in the current popular culture. The icons people look up to are a representation of what is important to them. Over the last several decades, culture has experienced upswings and downturns in the importance of beauty,

Aladdin: a magical, glittering Arabia

Aladdin was everything I expected my first Broadway show to be. From the very beginning, the show captured all of my attention. As a fashion enthusiast, one of my favorite aspects of this show was the costumes. In two of the most elaborate numbers, Friend Like Me and Prince Ali, there

Wicked: a hero’s journey

Many books and movies follow the same storyline template: the hero's journey. Broadway shows are no different. The same archetypes and themes found in ancient myths can be found in the Broadway show Wicked: the hero's journey of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. She lives a normal life, but is

Selling Beauty

I've been in a great number of Sephoras, but this was my first time inside the 5th Avenue store. Sephora doesn't sell beauty products; they sell beauty, especially in the large downtown stores. Luxurious packaging and branding leaves consumers feeling pampered and confident as they purchase products and walk back into